Walk with your Pupper

Netflix and chill after your long workday or just too cozy on your couch during a fine evening? Somewhere in the corner of the room, your lovely pupper is giving you puppy eyes to throw a ball or play. Yes! your pupper can get bored sitting at home as well. The best thing to do is “An evening walk!”

Here are a few benefits of walking with your pupper:

Boost your personal health: Not only your pupper gets happy but most of the doctors recommend to take a walk in the morning or evening for your maximum health benefits.

Controls Dog Obesity: Yes! you read it right. Puppers can get obese as well. It is very effective if you spend time with them to play/throw a ball to get them active. Some puppers are hyper-active, it is highly recommended to make them run in the park and help them spend their stored energy.

Helps digestion: Your pupper would be an active pooper if you make them walk. It avoids constipation and helps them to have a healthy digestive system.

Bonding time: This is really a moment of your life to walk with your pupper. They just love to see you when you are back home and love you unconditionally. When you spend your time for them exclusively, they feel so happy and builds a strong bond with you. Mutual trust is built over time with this activity.

Stress relief: It could be quite stressful for the pupper to sit at home all day alone. Similarly, it could be a stressful day at work as well. The best way to clear your head is to get some fresh air and gaze at the flowers and trees in the park.

It is very important for your puppers to be aware of the outside world. It could scare them in the beginning, but the trust builds over time. Eventually, your pupper would be bold enough to drag you out for a walk when you end up cozy on the couch.

These bonding cannot be explained in mere words, but its an experience.

You can find exclusive handpicked collars and leash for your puppers from our store. Do send us your pictures/videos of walk to get a free shoutout on our Instagram(@puppersaucee). Hope you all have a great time with your lovely pupper(s).

Team PupperSauce

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